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Download Zivios

Thank you for your interest in Zivios Open Source Enterprise Management. Zivios is provided in source and binary formats:

  • The source format allows you to customize the software build process that Zivios depends on (ex: OpenLDAP, Heimdal, ISC Bind, etc). You may also want the source format if you wish to build Zivios for additional distributions or architectures.
  • If you do not wish to modify the build process and your supported distribution and architecture is available, then we have already done the work for you. Simply grab the binary release.
Installation on Ubuntu and Debian Systems
Zivios provides an APT repository for installation on Ubuntu and Debian systems. Please refer to the relevant installation document to get started:
Installation on CentOS
Download Zivios Base, Panel and Agent packages for CentOS before proceeding to the installation guide.

Release Date
Zivios Base
32Bit x86
Zivios 0.6.x
Oct 4th, 2010.
Download (64 MB)
Zivios Panel
Zivios 0.6.6
Oct 4th, 2010.
Download (15 MB)
Zivios Agent
Zivios 0.6.6
Oct 4th, 2010.
Download (50 KB)

Zivios Build Framework
The Zivios Builder provides a framework for compiling the required infrastructure services, allowing you to patch or alter configuration options as you see fit. System administrators familiar with compiling software as well as packaging may opt to make use of the Zivios Builder.

Release Date
Zivios Builder
June 8th, 2010.
123 MB