Open Source Entreprise

What We Do?

  • Zivios allows the administrator to get up to speed with the opensource technologies quickly and without requiring indepth knowledge. The core technologies come pre-integrated so little time is wasted in the redundant task of setting it up correctly for each and every system. Core services are online right after installation. Management is done completely via the web panel, even if some tasks require access to remote machines (Zivios acts on your behalf) using server side agents.
  • Zivios ensures correctness in day to day repetitive tasks such as identity management. In loosely coupled systems, Zivios also ensures compliance (imagine forgetting to delete an ex-employee’s ERP account, where your ERP system is online and not integrated directly with deployed directory services.
  • Zivios reduces time to task completion with cascading data changes. Imagine having to reset the password for all users in your finance department. It would be quite laborious, especially if users in the department have a diverse password store.
  • Zivios allows delegated administration to be implemented in a simple manner. Since everything is part of the tree, you can delegate access of any tree object to any user or group. As training and service level knowledge is not required, delegated administration can actually be enforced. In opensource networks, it is common for few (or even singular) resources to have the knowledge required to administer a particular service or server. Delegated administration is impossible in this scenario as all requests will rebound automatically to that particular administrator, making him critical for that task.
  • Zivios enforces customizable organizational workflow. Workflow will be used (in future versions) to allow for the transaction to be deferred until approved.
  • Zivios allows administrators to focus on actual problems and spend time on improving the system rather than maintaining it on a day to day basic.

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